5 Highly Annoying Habits of Metro users

I am a Dubai metro regular. I use it to avoid road traffic, hassles of finding parking and escape RTA black points. And perhaps , also because I currently don’t have a license or a car. If you are a Dubai metro user, don’t do these things, they are not fun for your co-traveler!  And if you do, I will pray that you get stuck in the door one day. Believe me that is not going to be fun either.

#1 First in First Out

When getting in and out of the lifts, if you are the first one to enter, don’t plant yourself at the side of the entrance  and block 1/3rd of the passage – please go inside and let others in. The world is not ending in 2 seconds that you need to be the first one to get out of the lift. And if it is that important to you, be the last to enter. You can’t have both.

#2 Rubbing it the wrong way

When you are swiping the Nol card at the swipe gates, a red cross means you shouldn’t and a green check means go ahead. Isn’t that simple enough to understand? Don’t swipe it the wrong way! It unnecessarily slows people on the other side of the gate.

#3 Lawn walk on the travelator

Ok, you might be with friends, BFFS, or your soul-mate, but please find a better place to hold hands and chit chat.  Don’t form huddles  on the travelators. There are people behind you who are trying to rush to places and travelators are meant to facilitate that. The appropriate etiquette will be to walk slowly/stand on one side – on  the same side as the person in front of you (who ideally should be in his/her right). This way you leave the left for people who want to travel faster.

#4 Zigzag  on the escalator

Same rule applies here. Stand on one side aligning with the person in front of you, and leave passage for those who want to travel faster.

#5 Highjack the pole

Dubai metro is crowded and shaky. Please share that vertical centre bar with you co-travelers. Don’t wrap yourself around it and hijack he whole thing. Stand at a little distance and accommodate others who might need support during those jerks.